Are live casino games moredifficult to win than software-based ones?

Are live casino games moredifficult to win than software-based ones?

There’s a misconception that live casino games are more difficult to play and win than software-based variants.

However, just as playing backgammon online is no more different than playing the board game in a social setting, live dealer table games play by the same fundamental rules as their software counterparts.

Live dealer games have been around for a while now but are still one of the online casino’s go-to topics. This is because the live casino allows players to experience land-based gaming through the virtual screen of their desktops or mobiles. The best game suppliers will deliver stellar streaming quality and an almost identical environment for a truly immersive experience.

How does the gameplay differ?

The concept of the live casino is that you get to see and feel traditional gaming, at least to some extent. This implies real dealers, real gaming tables, real cards, and real-time shuffling and dealing. Players get to see as each card is drawn from the shoe and dealt to them. In the case of wheel games like roulette, players can watch as the ball bounces around and comes to a halt on the winning number.

Also, you don’t have to bother about human dealers making mistakes. Events are supposed to be random, so technically, you can’t be dealt a wrong card, and outcomes can’t be erratic. As such, live casino games are not more difficult to win than software-based games. On the contrary, the reverse might be the case, as live games are more transparent.

Although software games run on RNGs are designed to produce random results, there is the possibility of the random number generator being manipulated. This has been a long-standing controversy around the online casino – the fact that players cannot see how outcomes are generated.

Luckily, there shouldn’t be a need to worry about this at the best online casino sites as their RNGs would be vetted by independent auditors like eCOGRA.

How about the human/interactive aspect?

If you’ve ever been to an actual casino lobby, you may have been intimidated by the skill level of other players seated at your table. Physical gaming tables are often multiplayer, and so are live dealer tables. As such, you’ll most likely be joining other virtual players like yourself.

Fortunately, the live casino has been known to combine the best of both worlds. It does this while eliminating several of the downsides, one of which is the anxiety of being fish out of the water at the gaming table. This is because you can communicate with players through a live chat feature, but you don’t physically see them. So, you’re still in your comfort zone.

Besides, the anxiety of the competition is only felt with games like poker, where other players are your opponents. When playing blackjack, for instance, the dealer is your only opponent. Hence, you simply have to focus on getting the higher hand value without going bust. This applies to both software and live dealer variants.

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